Images from PIANO CITY festivals in Berlin, Napoli, and Milano


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PIANO CITY® is a three-day piano festival that offers many opportunities to experience piano virtuosity in new and unexpected ways. For one inspiring and energizing weekend, the entire city will be alive with music - in apartments, universities, stadiums, parks, hospitals and clubs.


100 “house concerts” will give grassroots stars - piano students, teachers and passionate amateurs of various origins and backgrounds - their chance to shine in the intimacy of their own homes, connecting them with audiences eager to experience fresh talent.


PIANO CITY® is the first piano festival that is organized entirely through the internet. Aspiring performers can upload their cell phone clips directly to the PIANO CITY® website. Participants can post their willingness to host a concert in their living room and invite a pianist to entertain their guests. Concert tickets can also be purchased right on the website and the public can create its own musical journey to the various concerts throughout the featured city via Google Maps.


The unique PIANO CITY® platform and the community approach of the festival will create a special bond among friends, neighbors, and even perfect strangers ... all while enjoying classical and contemporary piano music.


Interested in hosting PIANO CITY® ... Contact us at info@pianocity.org